Love letter to the wall clock

Assigned to develop a product with emotion, the project takes form as a love letter to reinterpret  our relationship with time. The object chosen was the wall clock for it's mathematical, monotone and sterile nature.

A pacemaker for a routine driven existence that clinically let's you know that you are late, going to be late or that it is not late enough. An overwhelming device, detached from human perceptions of time.


Emotional response research

During a time that felt overwhelming and tiresome I was gifted a plant called "white bird of paradise". To my surprise, a tall vertical stem originating from the middle of the plant unraveled into a full sized leaf.

This process was documented through Instagram. The plant was personified as having feelings through different stages of its growth and posted on my "story". Many friends, lost acquaintances and strangers expressed various emotional responses towards a plant they never met.

This of course was not the product, but it allowed me to develop insights towards emotional responses through time.



Shaping the concept

The plant, as it morphed and grew, lived independently of me and became an expression of hope within my room. 

Understanding that hope is a product of expectancy and joy, a plant is able express this through organic growth and change independent of preconceived ideas of time.



The final concept explores the idea giving an artifact that is mundane/dead life like properties as a means to reinterpret the clock as a product with emotion.

This clock lives independent of you so you don’t become dependent of him.


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