An intervention with the sketchbook

The product takes form as a response to the romanticized relationship between individuals and journals/sketchbooks. Pretty little notebooks that are intended to facilitate the documentation of thoughts, ideas or grocery lists often do the contrary.

"Sketchbook phobia" "Fear of the blank page" are associated with causing this.

//RIP sketchbook


The product, in it's pristine state and clean appearance is useless. As the user tears the seal and rips the paint they are invited to make the product their own. At this moment, the value of the notebook will exists in its use, not its design.

 / 4x6in / industrial latex coating / hand stitched / cream paper /  ribbon bookmark


Tear here


The romanticized use of the sketchbook in a pinterest worthy cafeteria with rose pedals, coffee stains and perfect handwriting has been challenged. 

The flowers are dead, the seal has been broken. The notebook doesn't matter, maybe someone will actually use it. 




Explorations involved paint and notebooks made out of stapled sticky notes.

To explore sketchbooks stripped from value, rudimentary newsprint sketchbooks were made at the beginning of the project and handed out. This became the initial form of research. 

Charlotte Masters took the wonderful pictures.


In house manufacturing


Using Format