design priorities grounded in circumstances that actually happened

It is interesting how we shape and depict value, out of opinion, preconceived ideas or convenience. We place value in aesthetics and systems detached from the relationship people actually share with products.

This Value Proposition takes form as an alternative way to address the design of clothes. Focusing on the growing popularity of online shopping and designing based on the overlooked commodity of postal services.

(A special thanks to Theo Gough who taught me how to sew/worked with me to develop the concept and Lulu LaFortune for dying the fabric)

// still don't know if I'm a designer




Value Proposition

The brand documents the process of mailing and lives with the garment as its tag.

The garment is packaged within it self and gains "authentic wear" that compliments its brand.

In this business model, the more you pay, the longer it takes to get to you.


The Collection


Pants that become more beautiful as they grow in size. Tshirts with designed holes as logos and Totebags that encourage scratching their fabric. Value in use, not design.


T shirt








Tote bag




experimental circumstances



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